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Why Generation Y Is Having Less Sex

Stop reading this sex-drenched article and go get some!

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Intellectualising bodily functions can be a quasi-dangerous activity. Rather than enjoying the process of getting it on with another human being, it becomes all too easy to find yourself asking questions that don't have useful answers: Why did you want me from behind? Do you prefer my eyes to be closed or open? How come you find sex in the morning so much more fulfilling than sex at night? There's a drive to psychoanalyse sexual behaviour without any real need to. Ultimately – does it matter? Or are you just making it matter?

Several of my friends have recently opened up about their sexual anxieties. From serious intimacy issues to a desire to flirt or fumble with everyone apart from their other half – the overwhelming and overarching thing that tied them all together was that they all had sexual anxiety.

It turns out that many of the people I know are thinking about sex a lot. However, they come home from work, watch TV, scroll through Twitter and, if sex does occur, it is usually the last thing to happen in the day, almost as an afterthought. For us single folk, it's just as dire: we endure moments of physicality bursting from stretches of celibacy. It's no wonder that 25- to 35-year-olds were collectively the lowest-scoring age group for monthly fornications – we're all either ignoring our partners or desperately seeking one.

Who would want to have sex when it's associated with a world of neurosis? When you know that every aspect of it will be analysed? It makes sense that we're burying ourselves deeper in our virtual connections to another person, rather than reaching out and touching them.

Before you start weeping into your self-inflicted chastity belt, there is a simple cure. We can't get rid of technology and we can't close our eyes to the incessant coverage of sex in the media. We can, however, stop letting it affect us. Why are you reading this sex-drenched article? Cease this immediately and go out and find yourself some nookie. Don't think, just act. Chances are, you really need it.

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