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My X-Rated Sex-Ed Class

A porn studio offers graphic workshops on everything from oral to dirty talk. More shocking is how much we need it.

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Then Young moved on to demonstrating g-spot stimulating hand techniques. She donned black latex gloves, readied the lube and then leapt right up on the table and went through a series of motions, including one she calls “the hand saw of love.” She placed her hand on Ava’s chest, held eye contact and moaned right along with her, all the while narrating what her hands were up to. By all indications, it worked quite well: Ava ejaculated twice more. The intense display left most of the audience members with wide eyes and jaws dropped. She wasn’t done, though: Afterward, she demonstrated hand techniques so vigorously on half a melon that I ended up with bits of fruit on my face. It brought to mind audience members in rain ponchos watching Gallagher smash watermelons onstage.

At the end of the class, I asked Young, who also directs educational porn films, why she thinks it’s important to provide explicit sex ed. “It’s hard if you just talk about things to really learn much,” she said. “If you just get up and lecture, people fall asleep. You need to keep people interested, engaged, really show them how you use these things in practice.” The aim isn’t to teach a particular way of having sex, though, she says: “The technique is just an excuse. It’s really about inspiring hot, healthy sex” — and she is seriously devoted to that. When a female audience member came up to her after class and explained that she’d never had an orgasm, Young responded, “Hold on, I’ve got an extra 10 minutes — get on up there!”

When word initially got out about Kink’s new sex-ed classes, it inspired a flurry of scandalized media reports from around the world, without any reporters having actually attended classes, of course. The reality of these live sex workshops is much less shocking than the simple fact that so many people make it into adulthood with still so much to learn about basic anatomy, let alone sex itself. Given the flak the adult industry receives for miseducating us about sex, it is especially ironic, and yet refreshing, that a porn company is taking up the righteous task.


Tracy Clark-Flory is a staff writer at Salon. Follow@tracyclarkflory on Twitter.

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