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I Unleashed My Freak!

A conservative journalist sets out to explore the sexual fringe in this country -- and is most surprised by herself.

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What do you hope that people will take from the book?

When I go out and talk about the book, I sit there and almost shake it like a preacher would a Bible and say, “If you’re talking about getting married, read the book!” Read it with the one you love and talk about it so that if you desperately need to be whipped or to whip someone that it’s not a surprise and that you’re not going out on the side to fill this need that’s imperative. And if you’re in a marriage and you want to talk about it, use the book to talk about it, because that’s where I see the loneliness. These people want to be so accepted and they’re terrified they won’t be. I want to say, “Hey, look at my life with my mom.” She accepted me after all and I didn’t expect that.


Tracy Clark-Flory is a staff writer at Salon. Follow@tracyclarkflory on Twitter.

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