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Ask the White House: What are your questions for Dan Pfeiffer at Netroots Nation?

So where are you going to be June 16-19? Because Netroots Nation in Minneapolis is the place to be—and it's not too late to register.

Here's just a partial list of some of the people who'll be there:

Russ Feingold, Al Franken, Howard Dean, Van Jones, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Keith Ellison, Donna Edwards, Jared Polis, Dan Pfeiffer, Luis Gutierrez, Ben Cardin, Sheldon Whitehouse, Raul Grijalva, Amy Klobuchar, Jerrold Nadler, Tim Walz, Jan Schakowsky, John Garamendi, Bruce Braley, Brad Miller, Judy Chu

And to top it off, White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer will be appearing for a Q&A with, yup, me. This is the netroots' chance to ask the White House the kinds of questions the Very Serious Media are too busy obsessing about the latest fauxgate to ask.

So what's on your mind? Jobs? Immigration? Jobs? Education reform? A war or two or three? Jobs?

Now's your chance. How would you ask him the tough questions you want answered?

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