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Republicans Too Busy Ranting on Fox News to Actually Write Any Bills

Has the party become "post-policy"? The modern GOP simply have given up on and lost the capacity for developing policy ideas.

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It’s clear that, for whatever reason, majority parties are less likely to use these spots right away than they were in the 1990s. But still – just one bill so far, and a fairly unimportant one at that, is really a shockingly miserable performance.

The conclusion: They just can’t be bothered.

My guess is that the Republican-aligned partisan press is just so easy for Republican politicians that they’ve all become lazy. If all you have to do to be a favorite guest on Fox News or on syndicated conservative talk radio is to mutter something vague about Benghazi and make a teleprompter joke, what’s the incentive of doing the hard work of actually writing a bill?

At any rate, this sort of thing just isn’t normal. It’s another good indicator of a broken party, and good evidence that they really just don’t care about public policy very much.


Jonathan Bernstein writes at a Plain Blog About Politics. Follow him at @jbplainblog

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