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Would a U.S. default derail the global economic recovery?

It’s absolutely astounding to me how negotiations among politicians regarding the funding issue for the U.S. only pick up when the deadline is nearing—or is already here. The funding issue isn’t like that college paper you crammed into a couple sleepless days to meet the deadline; we’re talking about the future of a country here.

I mean, why did the House wait until the last minute to debate the funding issue when it was aware of this a long time ago? Heck, the funding issue could have been resolved by now and we could be onto the debt ceiling limit debate; we still have that to discuss before the October 17 debt ceiling deadline.

What do politicians do all day? If they ran a company, the business would likely go broke due to the infighting and failure to come to an agreement. It seems like a game of who’s going to cave in first.

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