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Wal-mart selling “naughty” “diva” costumes for your toddler

Here are a few words I would use to describe toddlers:

1. Sticky

2. Cute

3. Expensive

Here are a few words Wal-Mart uses to describe toddlers, vis-à-vis their selection of pint-sized Halloween costumes:

1. "Devil Diva"

2. "Naughty Leopard"

Here are a few words I would use to describe Wal-Mart's selection of suggestively-titled toddler costumes:

1. Really?

2. Come on.

3. We can all agree that this is a little weird, right?

The costumes themselves are pretty innocuous (though the "Devil Diva" is just a touch too bodice-ripping for a child who has probably just mastered not going to the bathroom in her diva shorts), but the names are weirdly suggestive. (And yes, I understand the dictionary definition of "naughty" is tame, but it seems the marketing department behind this one was trading on the more adult innuendos attached to the word.)

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