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Trashing Sheryl Sandberg

That Sheryl Sandberg is one crafty lady. The shockingly negative early reaction to her book “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead” only proves one of its central points: Boy, do we hate uppity women! Well played, Madam!

Except the famous Facebook COO is the opposite of uppity, personality-wise (look away from her wealth and privilege for just a moment, if you can. It’s hard, but try.) In fact, the only thing I didn’t like about “Lean In” is the way she constantly reassured us that she knows our objections to her argument, and they bother her. If you took out her caveats and provisos -- that she respects stay-at-home mothers and knows she writes from the pinnacle of privilege and is aware her advice might not help a single mother in a minimum wage job and understands that many women don’t aspire to climb the corporate ladder and she doesn’t judge anyone, except probably Hitler -- the book would be at least a quarter shorter, and a better read.

Sandberg needs someone to write a book that says: No matter how you layer in apologies for not writing an entirely different book, a book that will help every single person on the planet, people will savage you for it, anyway. Maybe she’ll do that next.

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