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Texas takes on drones

With the swift proliferation of surveillance dronesinto the hands of domestic government bodies, law enforcement, and private corporations, efforts to regulate drone use and protect U.S. citizens' privacy have spread across the country. A bill with bipartisan supportwas introduced to the House last month that would require law enforcement to get a search warrant or some other kind of judicial approval for surveillance before using drones to investigate criminal wrongdoing. A Virginia cityhas also become the first in the U.S. to pass an (albeit symbolic) resolution against the government use of domestic drones.

For the most part, privacy advocates have expressed concerns about police and private corporations using drone technology to spy on citizens without warrants. In Texas, however, the issue of drones and privacy has taken a specific shape, protecting business interests against citizen surveillance. A new bill introduced by Texas state Rep. Lance Gooden, a Republican, would make it a misdemeanor to take photos with an unmanned aircraft. As PopSci explained:

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