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For ten years, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was conservatism’s Trojan horse

In some senses, Elisabeth Hasselbeck's move from "The View" -- where, for ten years, she was the kaffeeklatsch's most conservative voice -- to "Fox and Friends" is a promotion. Hasselbeck, who was often isolated on Barbara Walters's daytime panel show, will now be among fellow travelers, at the center of the action as the only woman anchor. (Current "Fox & Friends" anchor Gretchen Carlson is moving to the afternoons.)

But for the conservative movement, Hasselbeck's move to Fox News seems like a setback. Though Hasselbeck was not the strongest debater at the table (that was the fiercely liberal comedian Joy Behar, also leaving the show), she was among the few conservative partisans with a daily platform in the so-called "lamestream media." One generally watches Fox News with the express goal of learning more about or indulging right-wing talking points; one could end up getting those same talking points from Hasselbeck when simply trying to catch an interview with a pop star or an update on "Dancing With the Stars."

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