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Taliban commander to Malala Yousafzai: Allow me to explain why we tried to kill you

In an open letter to Malala Yousafzai, senior Taliban commander Adnan Rashid urged the 16-year-old education activist to forget about that one time the Taliban tried to murder her and "come back home."

"I advise you to come back home [to Pakistan]. Adopt the Islamic and Pushtun culture, join any female Islamic madrasa near your hometown, study and learn the book of Allah, use your pen for Islam," Rashid wrote.

Yousafzai has spent much of the last year recuperating from her assassination attempt in Britain, where she now lives with her family.

In the four-page letter, Rashid goes on to call the attack on Yousafzi "shocking," saying he wished it had "never happened," though he never apologizes or alludes to it as being wrong.

In fact, he tries to explain to Yousafzi why his fellow militants wanted to murder her.

In the letter, Rashid suggests that Yousafzai was not targeted because of her outspoken advocacy for girls' education, but because others in the Talbian believed she was running a "smear campaign."

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