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In Syria, real life is grimmer than fiction

Aaron Sorkin is not soulless. Let’s say you’re only a casual watcher of “The Newsroom,” the hour-long drama he created for HBO that takes real-life news stories and puts them in the hands of a dedicated and heroic but very fictional broadcast news team. If you understood the show’s premise but had only tuned in to the most recent episode and heard characters glibly discussing the use of chemical weapons, you might be miffed. You might be outraged. You might think, Now, wait a minute, Mr. Sorkin! This thing in Syria with the chemical weapons only just happened and already you’re using an ongoing tragedy as fodder for your self-righteous little TV show?! Have a heart, man.

Of course, Season 2 of “The Newsroom” kicked off in July, and the chemical weapons plot point was part of the story from minute one. Not to mention the fact that this isn’t Leno; “The Newsroom” is a big, expensive, pretty TV program that takes time to put together and doesn’t have the luxury of reacting to breaking news. The episodes currently airing were in the can long before the incidents in Syria had escalated to such a disturbing level.

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