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SF protesters block Google buses

If you've had the misfortune of watching The Internship -- the most profound artifact of brand placement in cinema history -- you'll have been told that Google, and its ruling ideology of "Googliness," is nothing if not purportedly a warm and cosy vector of innovation, with its own internal, coddled ecosystem. For example: Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson's dopey characters are ushered to and from the tech giant's headquarters in gleaming Google buses. How convenient for these good-hearted, hard-working Google-mongers.

But in the Bay Area, the Google bus -- the transportation system used to usher thousands of workers from their San Francisco homes to their Silicon Valley home-from-homes -- is a problematic symbol of inequality produced in the area by the tech boom and its high earning progeny. Wealthy Google (and other tech company) workers have driven up rent prices to unlivable heights in San Francisco (and increasingly Oakland). While a beleaguered transport system supports the Bay Area's non-Googly population, Google workers with their own company buses needn't be burdened.

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