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Sex offender Chad Curtis says his victims are lying and he’s a “Christian servant”

Former major league outfielder Chad Curtis says he tries to "live my faith every day." Chad Curtis is a recently convicted sex offender.

On Thursday in Hastings, Michigan, the 44 year-old was sentenced to seven to fifteen years in prison on six counts of2nd, 3rd and 4th degree criminal sexual conduct. The victims were three teenaged girls he knew during his time as a high school volunteer weight-room strength trainer two years ago. When he was initially suspended from his position last year, he told reporters, "I'd ask [the community] to pray for us and pray that this would be resolved in a way that is honoring to God."

Now, in a courtroom statement the prosecution called "an arrogant, self-serving hour-long soliloquy," Curtis, who played for the Yankees in two winning World Series, steadfastly maintained that his victims were liars, saying, "The truth will set her free. I think this whole thing is an unfortunate situation where the whole truth has not been told. I believe her [the victim] and I could write a book someday and it would have a positive impact on a whole lot of people." It's a horrible, desperately insensitive thing to say, but it's an illuminating window into the mind of a convicted sex offender – one who still bafflingly seeks connection with his accuser.

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