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Science nerds will love these 7 last-minute Halloween costumes

Tired of sci-fi, but still want to embrace your inner geek? We’ve got you covered with these super-last-minute ideas that distill scientific concepts, people, and creations into wearable form. After all, if there is a holiday that allows—even encourages—oversimplifying complexity, it’s Halloween.

Higgs Boson

The decay of a Higgs boson results in the production of two gamma rays

Modify your Greek god costume using hot glue to secure small pieces of particleboard to a sheet. Fashion the sheet into a toga, and don a wig fit for a god. (Unless you’re naturally gifted with such god-like locks.) You’re the god of particles—the God particle.

What you’ll need: small pieces of particleboard, hot glue, sheet, white wig, thunderbolt, crown

Dark Matter

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