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Reminder: Men get raped too

It's a story so common we forget it could look any different. When we talk about rape, we talk in terms of him and her, and their roles as assailant and victim feel ironclad. But as two important stories this week remind us, the story isn't always so simple.

In the UK on Sunday, Nigel Evans, a senior conservative member of Parliament, found himself responding to accusations of rape and assault -- and declaring them "completely false." His two accusers are both male.

The British media says the claims against him go back as far as 2009 and as recently as this past March. The 55-year-old Evans has not been charged with any crime, and though he will not be chairing House of Commons debates this week, he has vowed he will not step down. He was interrogated over the weekend, and police searched his car and home. Though the accusers, said to both be in their 20s, have not been named, Evans says that the claims have been made by "two people who are well known to each other and until Saturday, I regarded as friends…. I cannot understand why they have been made, especially as I have continued to socialize with one as recently as last week."

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