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“Pynchon: The Movie”? Eight writers who should have biopics

The potential J. D. Salinger documentary/biopic hybrid looks particularly bizarre. The film, a depiction of the hunt for Salinger and his purported late-in-life secret writing coming out this year, feels like a violation of Salinger's withdrawal from society and refusal to allow adaptation of "The Catcher in the Rye." (Let's leave entirely aside that this is a film by the co-writer of the Blake Lively vehicle "Savages"). Furthermore, from all we know, his life isn't particularly interesting -- or at least, not cinematic! There was the Joyce Maynard thing, but then years of just hanging out in New Hampshire, writing or not writing. The years before were full of World War II fighting (okay, that might be interesting onscreen) and fevered writing, which is the least cinematic act one could contemplate. Hiding out doesn't actually seem like a good subject for a film unless there's at least the threat of being caught, and Salinger was more or less left alone.

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