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Not without our apostrophes!

After a lengthy era of superfluous punctuation running wild through our shop signs and tattoos, who'd have thought we'd ever come to the day when the apostrophe might become an endangered species? But over the past month, a ferocious battle has been going on over in the UK, with nothing short of the fate of the possessive mark at stake.

It began with local officials in southwestern England's Mid Devon District moving to streamline street signs to avoid "potential confusion." Chillingly, the council went so far as to propose, "All punctuation, including apostrophes, shall be avoided." So incendiary was the plan that it made outraged headlines around the globe, culminating Thursday in the issue being put to a vote. Picture it: A King's Road rechristened "Kings Road." And as you hold that image in your mind, you will begin to understand that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who don't see what the big deal is, and those who are currently making strangled, gasping cries from the backs of their throats. How many of these "Kings" are we talking about here? The people demand answers!

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