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North Dakota sends three extreme anti-abortion measures to governor’s desk

The North Dakota legislature has made a sport out of denying women their reproductive rights. And they have gotten very, very good at it.

Three of the four extreme abortion bills state lawmakers passed in recent weeks are expected to reach Gov. Jack Dalrymple on Monday. Dalrymple has not indicated whether or not he intends to sign the measures, but the state House and Senate may have the votes necessary to override any veto he issues.

Once the bills arrive on his desk, the governor has three days to sign or veto them. If he fails to act, they will automatically become law.

The first of the three measures Dalrymple will consider is House Bill 1456, the "fetal heartbeat ban." The measure would make all abortions illegal after a fetal heartbeat is detected which, if a trans-vaginal probe is used, can be as early as five or six weeks after fertilization. If signed into law, doctors could face up to five years in prison if they perform an abortion after the cut off date. After passing the state legislature earlier in March, the measure beat out Arkansas' 12-week abortion ban to become the most extreme in the nation.

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