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No Hillarys in the pipeline

Hillary Clinton may be a leading contender for president in 2016, but this factoid obscures a less inspiring reality: the bench of female political executives and potential presidential candidates is, at best, thin. Even if Clinton runs in 2016, it’s not clear who would be next. There's a reason for this.

There have been only 36 female governors in United States history. While there are far more Democratic women in Congress, Republicans tend to do far better when it comes to statewide office. There are four female Republican governors in office -- Nikki Haley, Mary Fallin, Susana Martinez and Jan Brewer -- while Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire just became the only Democrat. Meanwhile, President Obama took two Democratic female governors out of the executive game when he picked Janet Napolitano and Kathleen Sebelius for his Cabinet. Next year might be better for Democratic women: While Barbara Buono has an uphill climb against Chris Christie in New Jersey, Rep. Allyson Schwartz intends to run against Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett, already nationally famous for saying women who didn’t want to be forced to look at ultrasounds before an abortion should just close their eyes.

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