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My son is getting an American Girl Doll for Christmas

For more than half of his life, my son has preferred dolls, toys and clothes that are marketed to girls. It started when he was two and a half and he picked up a Barbie and refused to put her down. He’s gone through all of the toy phases that girls his age usually go through.  Barbie gave way to Disney Princesses gave way to My Little Pony gave way to Monster High.

My son is now almost 7 years old and I thought that our pocketbooks were going to luck out and that he was going to skip over the very pricey American Girl doll phase. I really thought we were in the clear. Then American Girl catalogs started arriving in our mailbox a few months ago in preparation for the holidays. He has memorized every page of every catalog and decided that he wants a $130 doll, an $85 gymnastics equipment set and a $350 bright-blue Volkswagen Beetle.

In the process of writing his Christmas list in his very best first-grade penmanship, he looked up from the catalogs and asked me a very serious question.

“How come there aren’t any boys in this catalog? Boys can play with American Girl dolls.”

“You’re right, they can,” I replied.

“Then how come they don't have boys in here?"

“I don’t know.”

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