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Mississippi school district sued for pervasive anti-LGBT harassment among students and administrators

A Mississippi school district is being sued to challenge pervasive anti-LGBT harassment perpetuated by students, teachers and administrators, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the organization behind the suit.

The federal lawsuit against the Moss Point School District is the latest development in the case of 17-year-old Destin Holmes, who has said she experienced regular harassment from students and school officials because of her sexual orientation and her gender presentation.

As Gulf Live reports, Destin went public about the harassment in March, and worked with SPLC to try to reach an agreement with the school district around enforcing anti-discrimination protections for LGBT students and educating students, teachers and administrators about LGBT rights. No agreement was reached, leaving Destin little recourse except to sue to protect herself and other students from further discrimination, according to Anjali Nair, a staff attorney with Southern Poverty Law Center.

"It is tragic that the Moss Point School District chooses to ignore" the climate of anti-LGBT harassment, Nair said.

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