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Maddow: Good luck, Tucker!

Rachel Maddow tells Salon that she is rooting for newly hired "Fox and Friends" weekend anchor Tucker Carlson -- the man who helped bring her on board at MSNBC.

In a recent New Republic cover story on the liberal-leaning cable news network, Rebecca Dana wrote: "In 2005, Tucker Carlson’s team brought Rachel Maddow into the network based on a tape her agent sent them. Maddow wasn’t Griffin’s style—she didn’t look like a Fox blonde—but Carlson insisted that she stay on, and Maddow quickly proved herself to be erudite and winning on-air."

Surprising, considering that Carlson is now the editor-in-chief of the conservative Daily Caller and seems like a natural fit at "Fox and Friends." But, Maddow told Salon via email, there's truth to it:

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