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Kickstarter apologizes for letting creepy pickup artist raise money on its platform

Kickstarter has issued an apology for allowing creepy pickup artist Ken Hoinsky to fund a book of dubious advice on how to meet (and have sex with) women through its website.

After excerpts of Reddit threads in which Hoinsky instructs men to forcefully touch and otherwise pressure women into having sex began circulating on the Internet, people outraged by the book's premise began to call on Kickstarter to cancel the project.

But Kickstarter allowed it to proceed, calling the guide "abhorrent" but not in violation of "our current guidelines." The campaign exceeded its fundraising goal by 800 percent.

While Kickstarter admits they "missed the window" to cancel the project, they apologized for allowing a book that promotes sexual assault to be funded on its website and vowed to change policies to ensure it doesn't happen again:

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