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I’m sick of working for free

Dear Reader,

I'm loving these letters about creative problems. Keep 'em comin'!

Dear Cary,

I'm an art director/graphic designer and have more than quite a few years experience behind me, as well as a BFA. I am capable and qualified to do what I do. I have active memberships in national professional organizations, and work on staying current in my constantly changing-by-the-minute field.

Over these many years I have always donated my time and talents when asked by various nonprofits, schools, communities and churches. I enjoy seeing something succeed because of my efforts and having that going to the greater good (posters, fliers, logos, ad campaigns, banners, T-shirts, teaching, promotional efforts of all kinds, you name it and they've asked for it).

As of January I decided to put a moratorium on my professional services for anything that does not involve pay.

Let me say this: The people who sincerely appreciate what I can contribute through these volunteer efforts are the only reason that I have continued to this point. On the other hand, the bevy of comments that I have heard of late is flabbergasting. They are irrelevant, off-base and sometimes just mean.

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