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I’m a jersey chaser

When I tell my friends that I’ve met a new guy, they almost always say the same thing.

“What team does he play for?”

It’s never said in a snarky tone. It’s a legitimate question. Call me a jersey chaser, a cleat chaser, a puck bunny. I’ve heard them all. At 27, the names don’t bother me anymore. I date athletes. It’s just a part of who I am. I’ve written about my experiences for years, though I never released names and more often than not changed their teams. It was never my intention to ride the coattails of the guys I knew. I wanted to share stories that I thought were unique and, to many women, relatable.

But years into this, people still struggle to understand why I’m so drawn to athletes, what I get out of it and why I seek out these relationships — other than the fact that I’ve probably seen “Bull Durham” a few too many times. There are so many stereotypes about women who are attracted to athletes, some of which are true. But one I continue to fight against is the idea that these relationships are merely driven by the desire for fame and money. Clearly, those people have never known someone who dated an ECHL hockey player.

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