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How I botched it on CNBC

I'm not great on television. That's one reason I don't do it very often. (Another reason is that, for some reason, the major cable news channels don't invite me on all that often.) So it was funny to see, this weekend, as my brief appearance on CNBC's "Closing Bell" last Friday led to a small torrent of positive feedback, because immediately after I finished it all I felt was justified in my reluctance to advance my "brand" with more TV "hits." I'm much more comfortable making my case in print. So here's what I was trying to say.

First off, I should say I'm grateful to CNBC for allowing me -- an ill-kempt socialist of no great renown -- to air my views on their channel, though I suspect they did not quite know exactly what I was, beyond some sort of critic of Jamie Dimon, when they invited me. The producers and crew members I interacted with were all friendly, helpful and highly competent. The segment itself was just bizarre.

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