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“Homeland” recap: Throwing Carrie in the hospital won’t keep her quiet for long

Human beings tend to see shades of gray in themselves and black and white in everybody else. It takes a generosity of spirit, emotional awareness and, in some cases, a healthy dose of meds to remind us that most of our fellow men and women are just as nuanced and complicated as we are.

In this week’s episode of "Homeland," most of our key characters very clearly saw the nuances in their own situations, but viewed others as standing smack on one side of a moral line they had drawn in their own minds.

Carrie Mathison -- who wound up being committed against her will and so gorked up on thorazine that she could barely slur out an “eff you” to Saul by episode’s end -- refused to think that anyone associated with the CIA might possibly have her best interests at heart. Right now, for her, those colleagues, as well as her dad and sister, are defined in straight-up, black-and-white terms. But what’s happening to her, from her point of view, is complicated, and filled with layers, and my God, can’t you see? Which is why it’s perfectly normal for her to be bursting into people’s homes and newsrooms so she can blast out the truth about the Big Lie.

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