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“Grey’s Anatomy” star Patrick Dempsey says he’s “not necessarily bored with the show”

Shonda Rhimes's "Grey's Anatomy" stars aren't exactly content.

Asked about his role on the long-running medical soap opera at the Television Critics Association Press Tour (where he is promoting a TLC series about car racing), "Grey's" lead actor Patrick Dempsey compared the role to his side passion, racing cars. Reported The Wrap:

He admitted that, while he's "not necessarily bored with" the long-running ABC drama, after nine seasons, acting is a "job" -- and "not a lot of homework" goes into his portrayal of Dr. Derek Shepherd.

"It's a different type of passion," Dempsey said of his dual pursuits of acting and racing. "I'm an actor, so that's my profession, that's my job. It's a trade."

Dempsey, nominated for the Golden Globe in 2006 and 2007 for his role on the series, went on to say that he viewed himself as a hired gun: "I'm not necessarily bored with the show. I'm very grateful that I have a show that's been on for 10 years, but I'm not the creator, I'm not the writer. [...] it's a trade, quite honestly. And that's fine. When you're on a show [that's been on for 200 episodes] it's about surviving and finding ways to turn yourself on with the material that you're given."

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