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GOP’s fooling no one: They’ll always (rightly) be blamed for shutdowns

Today's good news is that it looks like the House will pass legislation this weekend to make federal workers whole again after the government reopens and their furloughs come to an end.

The bad news -- or at least the annoying news -- is Republicans are offering the legislation in the service of making misleading claims about Democratic priorities. Democrats are willing to support backpay for bureaucrats but not to protect veterans and children.

There are a number of reasons I doubt this will dislodge Democrats from their unflinching insistence that Republicans simply fund the government. But they all kind of boil down to the same thing. For instance, here's John Boehner on the plight of government workers under his austerity regime more than two years ago.

"If some of those jobs are lost so be it. We're broke."

More broadly, Republicans are trying to saddle Democrats with blame for the shutdown after GOP celebrities criss crossed the country for months saying they wouldn't fund the government unless Obamacare bit the dust.

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