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Get a clue, McDonald’s: Chain tells workers how much to tip their pool cleaners, dog walkers, and masseuses

For the fourth time infive months, McDonald’s has drawn unwelcome attention for what critics call tone-deaf guidance to its impoverished workforce. A section of the corporation’s worker advice website, reported by CNBC Thursday and then quickly removed – offers McDonalds workers advice on how to tip their au pair, pool cleaner, and masseuse.

CNBC’s story landed hours into the biggest fast food strike in U.S. history, in which organizers say thousands of workers in over a hundred cities – from Atlanta, Georgia to Warwick, Rhode Island - walked off the job demanding raises to $15 an hour and the freedom to form a union without intimidation. “I feel like, if I don’t do nothing, how are things ever going to get better?” Richmond Burger King employee Crystal Travis told me before going on strike.

As I’ve reported, the fast food campaign, whose key national backer is the Service Employee International Union, has wed a wave of one-day strikes with a comprehensive campaign effort to shame and squeeze corporations with media, political, consumer, and legal pressure. While the effort targets all of the industry’s top chains, McDonald’s has drawn a disproportionate share of headlines – both for its size, and because it keeps handing its critics additional ammunition.

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