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Fired for giving a kid a 66 cent cookie!

A worker in Seattle at the sandwich chain Subway says his boss told him he was being fired for giving a 66 cent cookie to a three year-old. Labor activists allege the “cookie excuse” was actually a cover for management’s real motivation: forcing out an activist employee who helped bring the recent national wave of fast food strikes to Seattle.

“I did give the free cookie,” the fired worker, Carlos Hernandez, told Salon. “But I know that’s not the reason.” Hernandez said he’d frequently given free cookies to children in the store before, and a manager had previously congratulated him on doing so because it represented “very good customer service.” Hernandez said he usually paid the 66 cents for those cookies out of his own pocket, but that on the day in question he forgot to because there was a long line of customers in the store. “I love kids,” said Hernandez. “I believe that kids are the most honest people in the world.”

“They’re definitely trying to set an example,” said Jessica Hendricks, a former Subway worker who’s now an activist with the labor-community coalition Good Jobs Seattle. “It wouldn’t be the first time the company used scare tactics against us in order to make us do exactly what they wanted.”

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