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Eden Foods CEO’s bad week continues

"There's so much malevolence in your approach to this, I really don't see a lot of value in talking to you, Irin," said Michael Potter, the CEO of Eden Foods, back on the phone on Wednesday. Over the last week, I'd reported that his organic food company (marketed to the crunchy, liberal set) was suing to avoid having to cover contraception in employee health plans -- as well as his subsequent phone call to me in which he doubled down by saying he didn't actually care about birth control, because he's a man, but is suing because "Obama's in your bedroom."

This time, despite claiming he wouldn't talk to me, he stayed on the phone for 20 minutes to discuss, alternately angrily and resignedly, the massive backlash among his liberal customer base to his decision to sue the Obama administration over contraceptive coverage.

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