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Bloomberg BNA to monitor employee’s snack pantry use with cameras

Bloomberg BNA has a snack problem.

The specialized news service for the financial industries, named for its anti-big-soda, anti-trans-fats, anti-salt parent company founder who's currently the mayor of New York, is undergoing internal strife over a snack pantry installed for employees' use. "Unfortunately, over the past few months there have been several instances where employees have been observed filling bags with sodas, snacks, fruit, and in some cases cartons of milk, to take home with them," the vice-president of human resources told employees in an internal email leaked to Romenesko. "Employees who worked later in the day, or over the weekend, found there were essentially no snacks or drinks available."

Naturally, the problem of snacks not being available to some employees means that snacks can be solved by taking away snacks for all: the email passive-aggressively notes that, "If this type of behavior continues we will have no other option than to consider closing down the pantry. That would be a shame." But that shameful decision would be the last resort: BBNA has threatened to terminate employees "observed taking any amount of soda, juice, milk, fruit or snacks home" and plans to install cameras in the snack pantry, a step a representative of the office's union says would require bargaining.

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