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Beware, homophobes: Yelp commenters are watching you

The ostensible right of an independent business operator is to choose the jobs he or she wants to take on. If you're, for instance, a baker and you don't want to make a cake for somebody, that's your decision, and the consequences of that choice are yours to accept. But just remember – Yelp is watching.

Sweet Cakes in Gresham, Ore., looks a lot like the kind of confectioner you'd want to do your wedding cake. On the bakery's website, you'll find an image of a set of wedding rings and the promise, "Are you looking for a wedding cake or for ANY occasion? Our cakes are custom made and designed to fit you." But when you scroll down the page, its claim of "ANY occasion" may strike many as disingenuous, for right above the smiling photo of owners Melissa and Aaron and their three children, they've posted a passage from John 3:16.

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