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The best and worst music moments of 2013

December: That time of year when every music publication rolls out its year-end coverage and you end up reading countless lists of the same albums and singles arranged in slightly different order. Will Vampire Weekend be #1 or #2? Where will “Yeezus” fall? What will be the obligatory wild card in the top ten? Chance the Rapper? Phosphorescent? Brandy Clark? John Fogerty?

It’s all too easy to get bored with year-end coverage well before the year even ends. And yes, Salon is about to add more to the bounty of lists clogging pages both digital and paper this month. Rather than another ranking of “best” albums or “best” songs, we thought we might make the criteria as broad as possible and list some good things and some bad things about music in 2013. Nothing definitive, of course, and certainly not ranked in numerical order. This is just some stuff we liked and some other stuff we didn’t.

GOOD THING: “Wrecking Ball”

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