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Bachmann: ‘I didn’t get anything wrong’

Tea Party Rep. Michele Bachmann has been laying low since last November’s election when she came dangerously close to losing her House seat, possibly in preparation for a bid against Minnesota Sen. Al Franken in 2014.

But Bachmann, being Bachmann, couldn’t stay quiet forever -- or even very long. And yesterday, she participated in a “newsmaker interview” at Patrick Henry College, a conservative evangelical school in Virginia (the man who introduced her said he wished the Tea Party movement had been “a little more conservative”). She addressed everything from her favorite contemporary singer (Beyonce) to gay marriage (bad) to her mistakes (none).

When asked about the “inevitability” of gay marriage, Bachmann stood up from her chair to say that heterosexual marriage is “immutable" and “the basis of our society -- between men and women." "I won't be deviating,” she said, explaining that no matter what humans think, God created marriage and that is unquestionable.

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