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Is this baby-faced blogger the next Andrew Breitbart?

In young, conservative circles, there are many ambitious go-getters who want to be the next Andrew Breitbart. Say what you will about the late right-wing pioneer (and there are plenty of negative things to say), but as Joan Walsh wrote recently, the founder of the eponymous media empire was inimitable, both in his successes and tremendous failings, and there is no obvious successor.

The empire he left behind is riven with bitter internal disputes, as BuzzFeed’s McKay Coppins detailed, and there is a dearth of young up-and-comers. James O’Keefe happily played this role for a while, but his star has since fallen as his legal troubles have mounted. Dana Loesch, the brash radio host who briefly helmed, has also been pushed aside (and sued over it).

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