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Absolutely not fabulous

Sorry for the backlash, sir. But when you walk around with your mouth open and sweeping generalizations come out if it, what do you expect to happen? In a tiresomely familiar scenario this week, yet another conservative decided to spout off some less than sensitive, middle-aged white man opinions about sexual violence against women. This time, the only twist was that it happened in the U.K.

Gloucester's Tory MP Richard Graham has made waves this week for saying, "If you are a young woman on her own trying to walk back home through Gloucester Park early in the morning in a tight, short skirt and high shoes and there's a predator, and if you are blind drunk and wearing those clothes, how able are you to get away?" In response, Trustee of Rape Crisis England and Wales Jo Wood said Graham's comments had "set us back about 100 years," while a spokesman for Gloucestershire Rape Crisis Centre accused that they were "stimulated by desire to humiliate and degrade" women. And Gloucester's Labour council leader Kate High is now organizing a Slut Walk event through the city, because as she says, women "should be able to go out, wearing what they want, and feel safe."

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