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“24″ returns: Is Dick Cheney programming Fox?

When George W. Bush opened his presidential library earlier this month, in the company of President Obama and the entire former president club, the "war on terror" -- and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan -- were hardly mentioned at all. Obama and others praised Bush's foreign policy, but they were usually talking about his efforts to end AIDS in Africa.

But as some pointed out, the ongoing drone wars and the hazy acceptance of Bush-era "enhanced interrogation techniques" as legal and morally permissible didn't end when Obama became president.

And after several years of films and TV shows that have wrestled with the complicated legacy of torture -- like "Homeland" and "Zero Dark Thirty" -- the Bush era is about to return to prime time.

Fox is bringing "24" and star Kiefer Sutherland back for another 12 episodes in summer 2014, which raises this question: As the investigation continues into the Boston Marathon bombing, and with Benghazi still a partisan flashpoint, is the culture suddenly thirsting for shows that take revenge?

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