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Is Obama Like Richard Nixon?

While their tactics have differed, the goal was the same: to silence and criminalize those who expose government wrongdoing.

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And this abuse will continue unless Congress aligns the language of the Espionage Act, the CFAA, the PATRIOT Act and the FISA Amendments Act with the First and Fourth Amendments.

So far, the leadership in both chambers has closed rank with the intelligence community to support sweeping government powers with little restraint or accountability.

Instead they should be repairing a legal system that gives this and future administrations too much leeway to criminalize speech and invade our privacy.

Timothy Karr is the author of MediaCitizen, a weblog about the future of America's media. He is the campaign director of Free Press. From September 2003 through February 2005, Karr was executive director of and Media for Democracy.
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