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Right-Wing Group Will Take Up Voter Suppression Effort Dropped by ALEC


 The National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) will be stepping into the breach the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) left this week when it disbanded its voter suppression arm. Because having as many people vote as possible is very dangerous to Republicans, who aren't so popular, the Right has to make sure that someone is in charge of returning the nation to Jim Crow days, and now the NCPPR is it.

It's forming a "Voter Identification Task Force," according to a press release obtained by PR Watch.

NCPPR’s press release scolds the 11 corporations, as of yesterday, that have recently announced they had dropped out of ALEC, which has come under intense scrutiny as a result of the Center for Media and Democracy’s ALEC Exposed investigation and along with the efforts CMD, Color of Change, Common Cause, People of the American Way, Progress Now!, and other groups plus Daily Kos bloggers as well as concerned citizens speaking up across the country.

NCPPR even set up an email for corporations to reach out to them if they “regret” their decision to cut ties with ALEC under the theme “we are not yellow.” NCPPR asserts that corporations have succumbed to the “left-wing” which is supposedly using a “trotskyite strategy of making relentless demand-after-demand.”

Don't know much about the NCPPR? PR Watch has the details about this "think tank," including the assistance the group gave to Jack Abramoff in essentially laundering millions of dollars and the fundraising tactic of "bombarding senior citizens with 'fright mail.'" They use that money to do things like help Exxon Mobil fight against efforts to address climate change.

In other words, they're another cog in the extreme right-wing agenda-making machine propping up the Republican Party. They're not going to let voter suppression efforts stop.


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Posted at April 21, 2012, 7:52am

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