Mexico's Former Foreign Minister Slams President Calderon for Escalating Drug War: 'It's Not Worth 50,000 Murders"

Jorge Castañeda, the former foreign minister of Mexico, gave a strong interview to NPR's "Tell Me More" program this afternoon. Castañeda, a longtime legalization advocate, supported Pres. Calderon during his campaign, but became a critic over the Calderon drug war escalation. In this interview he slams Calderon quite harshly, making a case that the arguments Calderon made for the drug war were false, that "willful homicides" have tripled as a result of it, and that the 50,000 drug war murders, likely over 60,000 by the time Calderon leaves office in December were not worth it:


Stop The Drug War / By David Borden

Posted at April 3, 2012, 11:57am