Offensive WSJ Op-Ed Dude Verklempt That Septuagenarian Feminists Still Hanging Tough

  “I know older men in comedy who can barely feed and clean themselves, and they still work. The women, though, they’re all ‘crazy.’ I have a suspicion — and hear me out, because this is a rough one — that the definition of “crazy” in show business is a woman who keeps talking even after no one wants to fuck her anymore.” -Tina Fey

Seems pertinent, given this Wall Street Journal op/ed by James Tartano. James is upset because a bunch of women have the audacity to have opinions— and they’re old! [read that sentence in this voice].

The headline of the article is, no joke, “That 70s Show: Elderly feminists try to turn back the clock.” Get it? Because Gloria Steinem is 77. Robin Morgan is 72. And Jane Fonda is 74. Crazy old ladies, is his point, in case you didn’t get it (crazy old ladies who no one wants to fuck anymore, actually, which is pretty much what he says at the end of the piece).

You know who’s also in his 70s? Antonin Scalia. John McCain. Lots of CEOs and law firm partners and politicians and activists. And you know how often someone writes those guys off? You know how often a reputable paper publishes an op/ed denigrating contributions and opinions from those guys because they’re “elderly”? You know how often someone implies that clearly no one wants to bang those guys anymore, so they should just shut their sweet little pie-holes?

(…yeah still waiting for it).


Feministe / By Jill F

Posted at March 13, 2012, 6:48am