Ohio Gov. Kasich Refuses Federal Aid After Twister Devastation

From Cincinnati.com, the news that (union-busting) Ohio Governor John Kasich has turned down the offer of Federal aid, even after a disastrous few days of lethal twisters in his state.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said thanks but no thanks to immediate federal disaster relief Saturday, even as governors in Indiana and Kentucky welcomed the help.

Kasich did not rule out asking for assistance later, but his decision means tornado-ravaged towns in Ohio will not get federal aid now and are not eligible at this time for potentially millions of dollars in payments and loans.

The governor said Ohio can respond to the crisis without federal help and he would not ask federal authorities to declare the region a disaster area.

Unsurprisingly, some say the move is more about looking small-government friendly than helping those affected by the storms. Indeed, other states are expressing gratitude for the federal aid they're receiving. 

The county’s Democratic Party chairman, Dave Lane, said there is no reason to wait to ask for help. He said Kasich, a Republican who has been critical of the federal government in the past, may be trying to score political points at the expense of residents.

“I question his judgment,” he said. “It would appear at first blush that he’s probably playing politics.”

AlterNet / By Sarah Seltzer

Posted at March 5, 2012, 7:11am

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