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AlterNet Radio: GOP Clown Show; Americans Have Never Been Safer; Deficit Hysteria Fueled by Dodgy Numbers (Podcast)


We've got a great show coming up this week. First up, AlterNet's Joshua Holland and Adele Stan talk about the craziest, most tumultuous primary fight in memory -- maybe in history.

Then Michael Cohen talks about his much-discussed piece in Foreign Affairs, "Clear and Present Safety: the United States is More Secure than Washington Thinks." As the Republicans fall all over themselves to hype all sorts of threats, foreign and domestic (with an assist by Democrats fearful of being painted as "soft" by their opponents), Cohen, with co-author Micah Zenko, provide a much-needed reality check.

Finally, we have economist James Galbraith on to help us get our heads around "Modern Monetary Theory," a perspective about government spending and public deficits that had long been dismissed by the mainstream press but has recently been getting a hearing in outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times --thanks, in large part, to James Galbraith. 

You can listen to a podcast below...

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Posted at February 26, 2012, 8:07am

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