Vile: CNN Pundit Says Video of Protester Being Tased, Screaming in Excruciating Pain is "Made of Awesome"

 Via Jesse LaGreca, I see that the fine, upstanding mainstream CNN political pundit who once claimed that a Supreme Court justice was a "goat-fucking child molester" has once again shown his gravitas:

Erickson: "Here is a story to make you laugh for the day, an Occupy DC protester, believe it or not these people are still occupying places. McPherson square near the White House, an Occupy DC protester was shocked by stun gun yesterday afternoon at McPherson Square . . .

They arrested him. They took him to the hospital because of a medical condition. He was charged with disturbing the peace. Now I would play the video for you because it was caught on film, it's hilarious, I mean you should just watch this video, if you go to you can watch it, I won't play it on the radio because the number of F-bombs the guy just starts yelling as they're tazing him . . hahahah . . ahh, but watching that hippy protester get tazed just made my day,, you can watch it for yourself, it is just made of awesome."

He's screaming in excruciating pain! That is so awesome! Hahahahahaha!

The video of the incident is here along with the story of what happened. Apparently, the protester was tearing down some flyers posted around the encampment and walked away from police when they stopped to question him. And in America you submitimmediately to authorities and don't ask any questions. This is what makes us free. 

Good thing his medical condition wasn't one of those undiagnosed heart conditions because he could be dead. (Hahahahaha! Wouldn't that be funny.)

As for that sadist Eric Erickson, I can't wait to see him on my TV "analyzing" our politics again. I'd really like to get his opinion on the torture issue. Oh wait --- he's for it, obviously. And he vastly enjoys seeing it applied to his political opponents.

If any pets go missing in his neighborhood, the neighbors know where to look first.

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Posted at February 2, 2012, 3:12am