A Must-See Tonight: "The War on Weed" Airs on Current TV's Vanguard Series

 At 11 pm EST tonight, watch Current TV's fascinating documentary series Vanguard cover "The War on Weed," as Christof Putzel dives beyond the mainstream media's coverage of the drug war's ludicrous attempts to keep pot away from kids, and into the violations of rights the drug war proliferates.  This is not  "your brain on pot." It's "your brain on prohibition." 

From Vanguard's Website:

In "The War on Weed," Christof Putzel travels coast to coast to investigate the bizarre range of marijuana laws and enforcement in America. In California, legalized medical marijuana has led to something of a free for all and the Feds are cracking down. In Colorado, medical marijuana is protected by the state constitution and millionaire entrepreneurs have set up shop. In New York City, African-American men are arrested by the tens of thousands for low-level pot possession.

Current TV's Vanguard has covered a range of drug war issues, including the Peabody Award WInning "OxyContin Express," "Gateway to Heroin" and "Recovery High." Their coverage of the Oxy trend is not purely horror-inducing, but a serious look at the complications and reality surrounding prescription pill abuse and Oxy's grip on users, as well as Big Pharma's big profits and the government's apathy. 

Also worth noting is that the Discovery Channel's "Weed War" airs at 10pm on December 1st. 

For some perspective before you watch, check out AlterNet's coverage of raids in California and Colorado, as well as the NYPD's horrific, and illegal, stop-and-frisk policy that criminalizes thousands of low-income youths of color for having a little bit of pot. 

AlterNet / By Kristen Gwynne

Posted at November 28, 2011, 6:12am

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