Victory at Occupy LA: Protesters Ignore Eviction Deadline, Are Allowed to Stay (For Now)

Occupy LA is the latest occupation to face eviction, with the mayor's office ordering the protesters gone by midnight (i.e., hours ago). As we've seen in other cities, many of the protesters refused to leave. Luckily, the police refrained from inflicting serious violence, and the occupiers have been allowed to stay, for the moment. The AP reports 3 arrests, but the live stream (below) just captured a report of a fourth arrest. The livestreams show a relatively calm and victorious atmosphere.

Here's a report from the LA Times:

At one point, some protesters started throwing things at police. Several people were then arrested; one person was carried away by officers.

Police said that there are still no plans to begin evicting people from the City Hall park, which was officially closed at midnight Sunday. They said their main intention was to clear the streets for morning commuters.

Hundreds of officers wearing helmets and carrying batons lined the streets but continued to show restraint.

Watch the livestreams below.

AlterNet / By Lauren Kelley

Posted at November 28, 2011, 3:24am

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