Demand Equality in Media: MoveOn Campaign Petitions CNN For Fair Air-Time

 On behalf of the American Dream Campaign,, a coalition of groups working to bring real people into politics, is petitioning CNN to "Give the American Dream Movement air time to respond to President Obama's jobs speech on Thursday, just like you did for the tea party."

After Obama gave his State of the Union speech in January, CNN gave air-time to both the Republican and Tea Party response.  With Progressives under-represented in media and a political sphere that is pushing further and further to the right, is petitioning CNN to level the playing field and work towards more informed debate.  Obama will give his jobs speech this Thursday, and MoveOn wants their voices to be heard. 

MoveOn said this an E-mail to supporters:

The American Dream Movement includes scores of groups representing millions of regular Americans who've been out in force for months demanding jobs, not cuts, an end to attacks on the middle class, and fair taxes on corporations and the rich. In July, when we got together to write the Contract for the American Dream, we had twice as many gatherings as the tea party had when they launched.

Immediately following the president's speech, we will broadcast an official American Dream Movement response from some of the grassroots leaders who've been championing the fight for jobs. But getting air time is key to changing the discussion around jobs. So we need to send a message to CNN.


This isn't just about fairness. Responses and commentary on major presidential speeches set the tone for the debate in Congress and around the country. When the response comes only from the right, the president's position gets cast as the left pole of the debate, even when it's already a compromise position, or worse, one made primarily of right-wing ideas.

No group of Americans has fought harder for immediate, common sense measures to create jobs. As a movement, we have an important perspective to share on this debate. So send CNN this message.

The American Dream Movement was sparked by teachers in Wisconsin, and is gathering steam:

  • In July, over 130,000 Americans came together to create the Contract for the American Dream, a shared blueprint for an economy that works for all Americans, not just the rich.
  • During the debt ceiling fight, with 36 hours' notice, members of the American Dream movement organized actions at over 1,000 congressional offices to protest Republican hostage-taking and Democratic capitulation.
  • In August, American Dreamers swarmed town halls to ask members of Congress about jobs, and organized hundreds of actions targeting those who tried to avoid facing the public.

If you want to see CNN share the voices of both sides of the political debate, sign the petition.  Now are trying times for most Americans, but we can change that.  FInd out more at

AlterNet / By Kristen Gwynne

Posted at September 6, 2011, 12:07pm